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Monday, 12 May 2014

Running Applications with full Access on WIndows 7/8

Microsoft Changed it Security with better Security Policy  for Windows 7, Windows 8 & onward Releases.
They introduced  UAC (User Authentication Control), comparatively  is best feature then Xp or Previous OS released by Microsoft. By default on New OS installation it becomes effective.

Many users did not know UAC features & benefits because there already installed/ running applications on XP becomes effected  under UAC control, which needs setting to be done on Windows 7, Windows 8 or later version.

Some of default restricted UAC locations are as follows
Main root C:\ , C:\windows & all sub folders  (including all exe, dll, etc)
c:\Program files\  etc.
in these above areas we can not create/delete  manualy or Programmatically any file  without 'Administrator Rights'

To run effected applications user needs to adjust his applications as per his needs, because default setting for all applications become in tight position.

[RUN as Administrator Settings]

Setting & Running a application as 'Administrator' does not effect the whole UAC (user Authentication Control) of OS. we can use Windows 7/8 compatibility mode for running your applications.

1. Right click on your application Program (Exe,App)  then click ->Properties
2. click on "Compatibility" tab.
3. "Check mark" the option "Run this program as an administrator"  and Click "Apply"

[Backward Compatibility Settings]

Microsoft provided this feature  for those application which were designed for windows XP or All backward OS. To run those Old Applications we need to set this feature for every application we want to RUN on Windows 7, Windows 8.

Setting this feature does not effect all  OS applications behavior as backward. It will assign compatability environment to only application whom you are setting.

1. Right click on your application then click ->Properties

2. click on "Compatibility" tab.

3. "Check mark"  both options and Click "Apply"

  i) "Run this Program in Compatible Mode"
     ->select Windows XP (service Pack 3)  or any other OS you required from list.
 ii) "Run this program as an administrator" This  is optional if you required it.


Hope this will RUN your effected application till Next Release of Windows by Microsoft !

Zia Mughal

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