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Saturday, 3 May 2014

How to Enable VFP9 Help under WINDOW 8

VF9 help is written in dv_foxhelp.chm file. When any user Upgrades his operating system from Windows 7 to windows 8 or installs new copy of window 8 directly. Suddenly he experiences that in VFP help stops working.

All this happens due to Microsoft is increasing its UAC & security of its new OS  or might be a guess not confirmed its new policy to make harder day by day related to Old application to retire permanently.

Any how thanks again Microsoft that there was a manual driven  way was left for Programmers/Developer to do, & switch on the blocked Applications to RUN on Windows 8 & 8.1.

Many website site & blogs are full off Question  regarding 'How to enable VFP9 help to run on window 8'.
This driven me to write this post on Blog for all who are in search for this answer.

1. Open your Directory/Folder of VFP9, find file dv_foxhelp.chm  Right click & see Properties figure 1.1.

Figure 1.1

2. See its default properties will be as bellow shown in figure 1.2.

Figure 1.2

 3. Select by click on your windows user from you logged in or if you want to assign it to all 'Authenticated user'.   finally click on EDIT button
You will find only two permission are by default assigned 'Read & execute' , 'Read'  but not effective to execute in VFP,  So Check mark 'Allow' the all controls  which were not assigned  (indicated in picture as RED Arrow)  & Click on "Apply" button.

Figure 1.3

4. After 'Apply' you will be back into dv_foxHelp.chm Properties window. Now you can see 'Green Arrow' indication changes made to properties of dv_foxHelp.chm file.

This was all Story for that, we were facing problem to run VFP9 Help with in remaining Visual foxpro by hitting F1 key.

Hope it will help you & make you easier to enjoy!


Zia Mughal